I learned something new…


I had an interview at ckut on vince and victoria’s show “victorious and invincible” (although only vince is there now as victoria is off learnin video editing…) about dream listener and the c.d. launch. the shows are archived for 2 months on ckut’s website. just find the date (october 16) and the time (1 pm) and it’s there in mp3 format… so if you want to have your own copy of the interview go to: http://www.ckut.ca

but I learned the something new at the launch of the c.d. on friday night, thanks to a techno savy guy, as we were keeping dry from the rain (it really poured) underneath the overpass and as I was overdosing on roasted marshmellows, he told me this thing about blogs… you see, I had never bothered to title my posts because I have this block about titles…I can’t think of good ones, and I thought it wouldn’t matter much anyways, but apparently, (this is what I learned) if you title your posts, then the post has it’s own url and people can send other people to a particular post…uh huh. so, from now on boring titles will accompany all my posts. cool huh.

left at: in front of CKUT 90.3 FM McGill Radio Inc., 3647 University.


5 Responses to “I learned something new…”

  1. leslie Says:

    …and if you use the word dream regularly in your posts and titles, it helps get the blog near to the top of google when someone googles the word dream!
    mmmm OD’ed on marshmallows…

  2. leslie Says:

    Was the white horse they lifted you onto all soft and sweet like a marshmallow?

  3. dream listener Says:

    so that’s how it works!

    actually this dream is one of my ‘signal’ dreams that i dreamed three years ago… (this is the first old dream i have used, but it was such a significant dream for me, and as i only have one more month of dream listening (in this way anyways) i wanted to put this dream out there in case anyone else had dreamed a similar dream) that really told me in no uncertain terms, that something in my life had to change.

  4. leslie Says:

    Look at this I posted a while back, and read the Entrepreneur article. Good info.
    Your dream seems so comforting, as you describe it. In the dream, do you feel comforted by the help?
    I am trying to figure out if I have signal dreams, per se. I have dreams about losing back teeth. I know that that dream happens if I’m stressing over something, or feel insecure. That’s a ‘signal’, huh?

  5. Philippine Website Developers Says:

    Everyday we should learn something new.

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