this beautiful man is in this picture because the sun was going down –which meant to avoid getting glare I had to take the photograph on an angle which meant the man sitting on the bench would be in the photo. before taking the shot I asked the man if he was o.k. being in the picture. he said, “sure; it makes no difference to me, I’m not wanted by the cops.”

left at: one lot east of 4677 Notre Dame, corner of Courcelle.



5 Responses to “”

  1. lithp Says:

    Dreamlistener I’ve missed you! I found my way back to wordpress! How are you? I LOVE this work of yours..Jo

  2. Raycee Chatt Says:

    Wow, I never thought of doing this… I love dreams, and to get people to express them with a sign for the world never came to my mnd… ❤ this is a really sweet idea, even when it can be the smallest things like turning the light on, or the biggest thing like wanting to see someone and not being able to open your eyes.

    • dreamlistener Says:

      i didn’t really think of doing the project like this either. it was more a material solution to a material problem. my initial idea was to be a listener of other people’s dreams, period. this was a way to open the door.

  3. kellygabron Says:

    I really like your images. I didn’t really read anything, just kept scrolling and admiring the site specific installations. Nice project.

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