your dreams, your comments

if i knew your name i would invite you by name, to share, if you want to, your dream or your thoughts about dreams. i’ve never done this (written a comment at a blog) because it feels intimidating and kinda scary, but part of what i am hoping for (my dream) is to make a space in people’s lives where dreams can be told and listened to and valued. dreams are such amazing things that come unbidden and without our personal control and i just think if we can stop for awhile and listen to each other’s dreams all kinds of things could happen.


9 Responses to “your dreams, your comments”

  1. felicity Says:

    Last night I dreamed that my intern decided to stop doing her data entry and make a short film instead. I was too busy to do anything about it and who am I to say film making is less important than data entry anyway? Halfway through the day she came to ask if I would star in it alongside the guy from the Pepsi trailer as a leading man. I think I said no.

  2. snowchamp Says:

    Last night I dreamed that I was in the middle of the ocean with my two kids struggling in a panic to gather their toy belongings floating around us in an effort to keep them calm as they sat restless in a raft afraid that they were going to die. All of a sudden, and without warning, my youngest son reassures me that it’s ok if I didn’t find all of their toys. Without exchanging any words about our fate, I sense suddenly that my sons now know we were all going to drown. I wish that I could tell them otherwise but at the same time I’m proud of them for accepting the inevitable. I don’t want to tell them we’re going to be ok. It’s time now to say our last goodbyes. Somehow I want them to believe that we’re going to see each other again in heaven. At the same time I feel as if we’ve all agreed without words that we weren’t going to talk about these things. The ocean is calm now and waiting. Without knowing what to say, I wake up from my dream crying.

  3. dream listener Says:

    that sounds like an intense dream. full of honesty and emotion and acceptance. i find crying dreams, dreams where i wake up crying, really blur the boundaries of the dream world and this one. they tend to stay around for quite awhile. i am wondering if you shared the dream with your sons?

  4. snowchamp Says:

    Hi dream listener,
    Thanks for your comments. I haven’t shared the dream yet with my sons yet (aged 10 & 8). I’ll probably share this one on cardboard. I was tempted the night of the dream, but realized I borrowed my digital camera to my neighborhood (and so didn’t have anything to document). I’m also thinking over the choice of location. I love the ones you’ve chosen for yours. It all seems like it comes instinctively for you. In other news, I’m busy working on a movie with many kids at the local elementary school (the grand showing is coming up soon) and so I haven’t had much energy or time for anything else lately. Stay tuned,…

  5. felicity Says:

    I dreamed that I was invited to contribute to an anthology on the arts in Canada. The theme they gave me to reflect upon was “water.”

  6. Tom Harris Says:

    Hi dream listener,
    I’m a photography student from England and part time dreamer. I’m currently running a project on the subconscious mind and as part of my research i stumbled across this blog I think what you do is wonderful and it has inspired me to create some similar pieces around my town which have fuelled the initial ideas of my project. (I’d show you the pictures but i’m not too technologically savvy). I would like to ask you how you feel dreaming relates to the subconscious and our waking lives and if you feel dreams have meaning or if there just random stories thrown up out of the mind?
    Keep at it,

  7. dream listener Says:

    hi tom,
    you will have to let me know how your project develops. i was really happy to learn that you have been “doing” a similar thing in your town. i decided to think about your question before answering it (hence the delay)
    so this is my answer:

    when i was a young child our family would sometimes go for sunday drives. we lived on vancouver island, and on this sunday, with my aunt and uncle from the mainland, we hugged the coast going on a special excursion.
    we were going to one of the last “whaling stations.” a place where whales were deposited onto the shore, their blubber cut into chunks, and “processed.” what i remember most from this place was the incredible smell and the endless flow of blood being washed back into the ocean. it was an intensely horrific and frightening event for me.

    so yeah, this was a time when whaling was still legal and people still thought of whales as rather unsophisticated big fish meant for human use. now that humans have decided that whales are worthy of our attention we have figured out that…hey, whales actually communicate, have family connections…etc.

    all this to say i think humans are not the brightest of all the animals found here on this earth, and that knowledge is in constant transformation. what we hold to be true at one point is discredited at another point. so lets just say i think dreams are like whales. mysterious beautiful animals that live hidden from our view (for the most part) and i think we could pay attention, listen, to the songs of our dreams like we now listen to whale songs. life is so much more complex and interrelated and beautiful that we give it credit for…and dreams are part of our life…whether we call this the subconscious or space travel, or whatever name we choose.

  8. Tom Harris Says:

    hi dream listener
    that was a really insightfull analogy and i really apreciate you takeing the time to write back, tis strange to be in contact with an artist from across the globe especially one that shares my love of dreaming, the projects thundering along and since begining it i’ve had a lot of really vivid and cool dreams which i suppose must be a byproduct.
    thanks alot

  9. Stefânia Says:

    one day i think that i’m just a dreamer.
    today i discovered that i’m not the only one.

    congrats to your blog, it inspired me today, thanks. 🙂

    kisses from Brazil.

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