translation (blah, blah #9.)

May 24th, 2007 by dreamlistener

so, I figured it was time to come clean and let everyone know (just in case you didn’t guess it already) I do not speak or write spanish, and although I verbally mangle the french language I do not have any skill when it comes to writing. this means I rely on the skills and goodwill of others.
such as: priscilla kauffmann who has translated 18 dreams into spanish so far. and I have to confess, I really enjoy holding the spanish dreams. for one thing it disrupts the tension I feel between holding either an english or french dream, and for another I love it when someone can actually read the dream. it feels special, as though the dream is written exclusively for them.
when I go to the st. james drop-in centre, anne-marie beaulieu and bernard racicot translate my dreams into french. I try to keep these dreams short because they are translated on the spot, and it takes longer to paint the dream text than to print the dream with a marker. plus I have to wait for the paint to dry before I can go out. these dreams are easy to distinguish because the letters are rounder and are often in colours other than black.
also translating into french is christine brault who amazingly can read and write french, english, spanish and is now learning mandarin! émilie laforce who I work with at artexte, and valérie perron and jean-pierre caissie from dare-dare have also translated from english to french. so far between them all (but mostly christine and anne-marie) a total of 34 dreams have been written in proper french.
now, for those of you who don’t know, translating is an art. I mean, the person who translates also has an impact on how the text is communicated. it is almost like a collaboration between the text, the author and the translator. I love receiving the dream after it has been translated and seeing how the other person articulated it. often I find I like the translation better than the original and I will go back and rewrite the original dream.
so I take this opportunity to publicly thank most sincerely priscilla, christine, anne-marie, bernard, valérie and jean-pierre. thanks you guys!


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