the hardest part

the hardest part
is stopping

taking up a place

unfolding the dream
and standing there

in plain view
on the street
a dream in my hands

words I wrote on found cardboard
displayed to whomever wants to
pause and read what is written there.

the dream, this image that comes unbidden
that I have no control over
remembered, repeated, through language here

and always something is left out
something is not said
and something more is said

because I am here
standing on this corner
holding this dream


2 Responses to “the hardest part”

  1. andrea cavagnaro Says:

    Hello Karen
    I am an Argentinian artist and I was invited to work in Dare-Dare next year. A few days ago I received a post with your print material and now I am here in your blog. I found your work really interesting , specially everything related with homeless (last year I have been working giving art classes to homeless). It sounds funny the homeless nation site, sometimes it is difficult to understand the “normalization” an “institutionalization” of people living on street, while the world has enough money for taking them out of their condition. I would like to send you some photos of my last work, in which I made a pink cartel and I went with it to a popular manifestation (in the 31st annyversary of the begining of the dictatorship we had on the government between 1976 and 1983). I love letters on the street, each time I found literal texts more neccesary, although my last work was very methaphorical. I don’t understand French, would you tell me what it means “Nous sommes tous de beaux reveurs”.
    best regards

  2. dream listener Says:

    hi andrea,
    i hope to meet with you when you are in montreal. the people at dare-dare are very supportive, but i hope you are coming when it is not so cold. we are again in the middle of a snowstorm today!
    the homeless nation site is primarily a tool for people who do not have a secure physical space,–with the homeless nation site the members have a virtual space and a way of connecting with each other easily and of letting each other know what is going on. it is also hoped that it can be a tool for creating change on a collective level. the more voices and the more visible the greater the impact (or at least this is the hope)

    “nous sommes tous de beaux reveurs” translates to english as “we are all beautiful dreamers”

    thanks for your kind words of interest,

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