October 18, 2007


this beautiful man is in this picture because the sun was going down –which meant to avoid getting glare I had to take the photograph on an angle which meant the man sitting on the bench would be in the photo. before taking the shot I asked the man if he was o.k. being in the picture. he said, “sure; it makes no difference to me, I’m not wanted by the cops.”

left at: one lot east of 4677 Notre Dame, corner of Courcelle.



October 16, 2007


dream translated: I dreamt I said, “She brings people together, then she tears them apart.” “She,” being my mother.

a very strange area with lots of long low buildings, company headquarters, and then a couple of blocks down the street some residential dwellings and a huge gold domed seik temple under construction.

left at: unidentified warehouse space, one company being Schenker, on Cordner, corner of Senkus.


October 11, 2007

this block of de maisonneuve is still not open to traffic as repairs continue since the seven meter crack in the ceiling of the tunnel connecting the bay department store to the metro was discovered. for two days in late august the bay and the adjoining buildings for a seven block perimeter were evacuated. as well a section of the metro was closed. fears of the tunnel collapsing and taking the bay down with it were expressed.

left at: The Bay, 590 de Maisonneuve, corner of Aylmer.


October 4, 2007


CRUM (Centre de Recherche Urbaine de Montreal)


dream listener : An audiobook in three movements
dream listener cd


Live painting with the St-James Centre Artists!

All proceeds from the launch will go to the Saint James Drop-In Centre.

19 octobre 2007
18h à 23h


à Dare-Dare Centre de diffusion d’art multidiciplinaire de Montréal.

DARE-DARE est situé
dans un parc sans nom / in a park with no name
entre Saint-Laurent et Clark,
entre Arcade et Rosemont/Van Horne
métro Rosemont ou bus 55 (sortez à Bernard)

The audiobook is the compelling story of dream listener, a public art project by “dream listener” in collaboration with the Centre de recherche urbaine de Montréal, Homeless Nation and the St-James Drop-In Centre. The dream listener project is a mobile intervention in the street that has taken place for a year between 25 November 2006 and 25 November 2007. For one year “dream listener” has written dreams on cardboard, gone out into the street, and held the cardboard dream.

Nous sommes tous de beaux rêveurs.

Because this intervention takes place in the street and because found cardboard is used to communicate dreams, there is an implied relationship between the action and the people who live their lives on the street. “dream listener” has also spent the year building a relationship with the people of the Saint-James Drop-In Centre, a day centre for people who are at risk because of one or a combination of the following factors: homelessness, mental illness, substance abuse, personality disorder, or intellectual handicap.

The audiobook produced by the Centre de recherche urbaine de Montréal is a compilation of the dreams collected from people on the street and from the Saint James Center. It tells the story of “dream listener’s” experiences and the story of people met along the way.

The c.d. is available at the launch for a suggested donation of 10$ with all proceeds going to the Saint James Centre.

For more information :

Saint James Drop-In Centre http://www.stjamescentre.ca/
The Homeless Nation is Canada’s only website created by and for Homeless Canadians. They work to close the digital divide between the general public and Canada’s homeless population. http://homelessnation.org

September 28, 2007



dream translated: I dreamed the barbed wire fence had been erected and now I couldn’t feed my baby.

left at: next to the Sommer Building, between 415 and 423 Mayor, corner of Saint Alexandre.


September 22, 2007

this dream was left at turcot yards in the off-chance that “neath” author of the blog “walking turcot yards,” would come across it. (the site “neath” is great, check it out…it’s  in the blogroll.)

left at: Turcot Yards


September 20, 2007


do you think my paranoia is showing?

left at: old C.N. Station on Second, North Bay, Ontario.


September 16, 2007


in north bay they have an anti-staple by-law. they also have people who take their political favorites very seriously. after I had finished taking this photo a woman drove up in a car and demanded I remove “that sign” right away. she told me I was on private property and so I asked if she was the owner. she replied yes, but I didn’t believe her because of the way her nose twitched.


September 12, 2007

roger perras got the idea to use my dreams as the lyrics for a song, and the song playing in this video (well, you are only hearing about half the song) is the result. it is, i think, a very beautiful song.

roger perras: composition, guitar and vocals.

marco luna: filmed footage.

September 10, 2007



photos by Ian-Patrick McAlister

daniel elzinga, the director of white water gallery read the dream, he paused, then told me the dream might resonate with some of the residents of north bay. this is because last winter a dead newborn was found buried in the snow. I searched the internet and found this story printed in the toronto star. the person responsible for the infant’s death was found through d.n.a. testing and charged with failure to call for assistance in childbirth and infanticide.

Mar 31, 2007 11:41 AM

Staff Reporter
Two North Bay teens made a grisly discovery Friday night as they came across the remains of an infant child. The boys were playing in a wooded area around 6:40 p.m. near Minto Road and Laurentian Ave. when they stumbled across the partially decomposed body. Members of the North Bay police were notified and sealed off the scene.
A coroner was on scene and an autopsy is scheduled to be performed as soon as possible at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children.
Police investigators say they will conduct door-to-door interview with area residents. The wooded area where the remains were found is well-travelled with many trails but people have been asked to stay clear of the scene.
Anyone with information is asked to call police at 705-497-5555 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

left at: Municipal Parking, Worthington 7, Worthington street at the corner of Ferguson. North Bay, Ontario.