dream listener thanks you

so… one year has gone by and 194 cardboard dreams have been scattered around montreal. now I will have to adjust and stop scanning sidewalks for “good” cardboard and scribbling dreams down as soon as I wake up. this project has become such a part of my daily life I feel a kind of void. and relief. and gratitude. gratitude I was given the time and support to take myself into this space and gratitude that so many people have been so kind. many many people. the girl who smiled and gave me the thumbs up, the woman who trudged through the snow to speak with me, the man who told me his worst dream which prompted him to change his life, and all the people who have passed through this blog with your comments: snowchamp, endless, neath, leslie, felicity, jess, peter, the hare, steve, and on and on…
and all the people from the saint james drop-in centre but especially chris (who I saw again at the état d’urgence) anne-marie and bernard, -then there is the forever soft spoken diplomat jean-pierre from dare-dare -and christine and émilie and priscilla and valérie who translated for me, -all the “crummies”: chris, doug, felicity and alex and laurie too, -daniel and marco from homeless nation, -annie and pierre from atsa, -jack and vida from souffles, -dan from white water, -and christine, vince, christopher, nicolas, nicole, louise, sylvie, victoria, sarah, -then there is carl from le lobe and and and and….

thank you


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