état d’urgence day 5- last day


sign translated: Where I am is not who I am.

I missed all of day four. on day three I went home around one in the morning and posted the blog and went to bed. my mind was so full of images and sounds and thoughts turning over and over and over I could not sleep. at seven in the morning I was still awake…and wide awake. finally I slept fitfully and woke up around five feeling crummy: achy body, sore throat… but I was determined to go to the état and listen to the story telling and sleep in the tent so I could get the night-time sounds. this plan of mine did not happen which kinda bums me out, but as I am feeling sick it was probably just as well. on the last day I did go to the état and stayed about seven hours, but with no fire barrels to keep warm I was freezing and my feet were wet so finally at about five-thirty I went back home and crawled back into bed.

so…the point of this little diversion is that my body (and here I am projecting onto other bodies as well) could not handle being outside for three ten hour days. and I came from a place of warmth and health, and returned to that place each night. at the risk of sounding naive…it seems to me we have shelter because our bodies need shelter. and maybe it is really that basic. we need shelter and we need to shelter those who do not have shelter for the simple reason that their bodies are like our bodies and need to be sheltered.

left at: État D’Urgence, Place Émilie-Gamelin.


2 Responses to “état d’urgence day 5- last day”

  1. Paul Says:

    “Where I am is not who I am”. That is a good reminder for people who walk past the homeless and sneer.

  2. dreamlistener Says:

    hi paul,
    thanks for all your comments…
    and actually the” where i am is not who i am” works the other way too…people often don’t treat people who work at …lets say mcdonalds -very nice either. and then if you are the president of the company, this too does not really make you any different than anyone else. where we are does, for sure,impact upon how we are perceived, but in reality it has very little to do with the qualities of what makes us who we are.
    take care,
    and here’s hoping you’re warm,

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