this block of de maisonneuve is still not open to traffic as repairs continue since the seven meter crack in the ceiling of the tunnel connecting the bay department store to the metro was discovered. for two days in late august the bay and the adjoining buildings for a seven block perimeter were evacuated. as well a section of the metro was closed. fears of the tunnel collapsing and taking the bay down with it were expressed.

left at: The Bay, 590 de Maisonneuve, corner of Aylmer.



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  1. peterandthehare Says:

    Dreamlistener, another great dream. Here’s a somewhat unrelated thought for you. I don’t always dream solely of myself; sometimes when I’m so wrapped up in my own silly worries I find it oddly comforting that they don’t feature in my dreams at all. Infact in these dreams I’m more likely to worry about other people. it’s nice when one’s unconcious proves to be so unselfish – it kinda throws Freud out the window to an extent, cos he’s all about self really. It reminds me that I’m not the centre of the universe, as it were. I hope you won’t mind this little diversion – an unrelated thought that I just felt like typing.

  2. f. panic Says:

    I’ve just spent some time looking through your archives and I really like what you are doing. I also like that your dreams, your carboard sign dreams, are short – mostly. I like the longer ones too.

    I am often bored by other people’s dreams, because not too many people know how to tell a story shortly, quickly, strategically. Those dreams that are fascinating and detailed for the dreamer, but deadly to the listener.

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