this dream was left at turcot yards in the off-chance that “neath” author of the blog “walking turcot yards,” would come across it. (the site “neath” is great, check it out…it’s  in the blogroll.)

left at: Turcot Yards



2 Responses to “”

  1. neath Says:

    This is the coolest thing yet! I saw it yesterday and would love to see more of this at Turcot.

  2. dream listener Says:

    the dream was really meant for you, more than for the turcot…because of the sense i have of you as a solitary walker…and for how i find a kind of humanity in your preoccupation with this abandoned space and the time you spend there soles touching earth.

    but if i have any other dreams that seem appropriate for turcot…i ‘ll definitely put them there and will hope you find them.

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