in north bay they have an anti-staple by-law. they also have people who take their political favorites very seriously. after I had finished taking this photo a woman drove up in a car and demanded I remove “that sign” right away. she told me I was on private property and so I asked if she was the owner. she replied yes, but I didn’t believe her because of the way her nose twitched.



15 Responses to “”

  1. jess Says:

    haha. this is wonderful.

  2. felicity Says:

    did you kindly suggest that she could take the sign down herself?

  3. dreamlistener Says:

    hi felicity,
    nah…i wimped out and took it down like a good girl.

  4. Jorg Elkaboom Says:

    Hello dreamlistener,

    I think I found a glove owned by Bill Vrebosch here in Makiniwik. At least that is the name taped on it. It appeared that someone had wiped their nose on the thumb. Perhaps a DNA test might confirm whether your Progressive Conservative North Bay Vrebosch is the same Vrebosch. A twitching nose may be circumstantial evidence.

    By the way, we have a North Bay here in Alaska. I conject that your North Bay is really a south north bay. Got to run, we have a plane load of tourists from Vladivostok landing here in about 30 minutes.
    I’ll post the Vrebosch glove just as soon as the Russians leave.

    Jorg. E.

  5. dreamlistener Says:

    hello jorg,
    somehow i don’t think bill vrebosch would submit to a dna test to confirm if the glove was his or not…but maybe a handwriting analysis could be used as evidnece as to the ownership of said glove.
    and yes, this north bay is not too far north. in fact no ice or snow yet, but i hear in winter it can get pretty cold and windy. good for ice fishing if you want to come south for awhile.
    thanks for the info,

  6. leslie Says:

    It is not a dream. Nose twitches are a tell.

  7. dream listener Says:

    u have a nice site leslie…i like the stories.

  8. leslie Says:

    Hi Dream Listener!
    Thanks for saying. I have been intrigued with what you are doing.
    I think displaying your dreams is very exciting.
    If I wrote out what all I get to dram about, I’d keep the cardboard factory working OT.
    Isn’t Turcot Yards a great blog?
    What each of you do art-wise is so refreshing for me.

  9. dream listener Says:

    i hope you get this…
    three times now i have tired to leave a comment on your great tragi/comic stories, and it comes up i have to be logged in, so then, i log in, and for some reason it keeps saying my password is incorrect…so i thought, hey, i’ll log in first on my site then go to leslies…no go.

    so, i wanted to ask you if you have ever used your dreams in your stories? or if your story’s are based upon a kind of remembering. which is kind of like a dream, that it is nothing, it vanishes if we don’t remember it.

    thanks for the stories.

  10. peterandthehare Says:

    hehe, nice dream, expertly placed.

  11. romy Says:


    my friend asks, “did she really dream that? are all of those really her dreams? (that’s crazy)”

    hope you are well.

    north bay!!! that’s my turf. close to sudbury. my brother went to college there.

  12. dream listener Says:

    hi romy,

    for your friend: yes, she really did dream that, and yes, these are really (just some) of her dreams. and i am not sure what the “that’s” refers to but, if its the dreams, yeah, they are kinda crazy, and if its the cardboard posting of the dreams, yeah, that’s kinda crazy too.

    i heard from the north bay(ers) that sudbury has a pretty intense anti graffiti agenda…so probably its a good thing i didn’t go there…

    hope to see you soon

  13. leslie Says:

    Hi Dream Listener…my blog is so mean. I am having a friend go through the process of registering and logging on, and we are trying to write down the magic formula to ‘get in’. I will post the instructions once we get it written down. It is very ‘process-ey’.
    The blog requires that you ‘register’ first, and then a password is sent to you via email, then you get a profile page that allows you to change your own password, and then once you comment, I have to approve the first comment for it to appear…talk about dreams…how about nightmare? Daymare?

    I have had my nose down in my writing, and hadn’t gotten back over here. My apologies. I enjoy visits here.

    The ‘saga’ that I am writing is all what happened to me in waking life. True stories. I am trying to put it to words so that time doesn’t erase details. Pleasantly, the more I write, the more I recall, so I am working it hard to get it down.

    I am a dreamer. I have been for as long as I can remember. I am as busy at night as in the day, though not as often as I grow older. But pretty much every night, and I remember them. I remember them as ‘pictures’, which seems logical for me. Like watching a strange Fellini movie sometimes.
    And I have categorized my dreams into general areas of mundane brain processing type dreams, where images I have seen recently reappear in the visual mix; and portentious dreams, or futuristic dreams that seem very forboding and bleak. And hormonal dreams that always surprise and excite. I used to fear my flying dreams, and now I have seen myself showing off to people in my dreams with, “Hey! Look what I can do!” and then buzzing off at high speeds. I suspect that I ‘visit’ places. I have often said, “I dreamed about this years ago,” but it can’t be proven.
    I don’t analyze the dreams, but rather try to remember what I was feeling about the dream…was I sad, or frustrated, or angry? Then I relate that emotion to exactly what is happening in my waking life.

    Likely the most significant dream I have had, and I didn’t have any idea at the time, was one I had very young, and I told my mother (she was my confessor)…I was in the water, like the ocean, beyond the breakers, looking into shore, and seeing a city skyline, and then moments later seeing the skyline all wrecked, like old WW2 pics of Europe after bombings.
    The Trade Center pics from in the harbor are that dream.
    Now, what value that had, I guess none. When I had the dream the Trade Center wasn’t even a thought. The dream I had was in the 50’s.
    Can I prove I had it? No. Those images and emotions in 2001 were so intense. How did I dream them all those years prior?

    There is value in telling a trusted someone about the dreams. A “proof”, if you will, that the ether carried a message to you.

    So far, my waking life has been complex enough to keep me busy writing…

  14. dream listener Says:

    thank you for your wonderful gift giving from your heart. i wish you were my neighbor so i could pop in and talk over coffee. i feel you would have a lot to tell me, and that hearing your wisdom would help me immensely. dreams are amazing things, but i agree, life itself is often enough to deal with. i guess dreams are a bit like memory in the way you feel you are remembering more from your life when you write your memories down. i find that is true of my dreams. often the act of writing something down triggers another image to surface.

    if you haven’t checked out endlessly red on the snow blog, i would urge you to do so. i think he and you share a certain benevolent spirit. his writing is very different than yours, but quite beautiful. he hasn’t been writing so much lately…which makes me think he is going through a bit of a difficult time. somehow i think your presence could help him.

  15. leslie Says:

    Oops! I did get a little windy with that last comment!
    The coffeepot is always on here, and we are always blog neighbors, no matter where we are, right? Thank goodness for the blogs. I have never felt so close and included.
    A lovely writer person at The Green Knights Chapel posted recently that “Fiction is Memory”. I like that concept very much.
    I will visit endlessly red.

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