translated: Where I am is not who I am.

I was too chicken to go to the prison on my own, so jean-pierre from dare-dare came with me and took some photos. but actually it was o.k., the first place I stood a guard drove up in a truck, got out, and told me I couldn’t stand there. I asked if the sidewalk was o.k. and he affirmed it was. only one person stopped to talk, a man in a wheelchair who was propelling himself down the road. he asked if I was crazy. I replied, “why do you think I’m crazy?” he said only a crazy person would stand with a sign. he wanted to know what the sign meant, and I told him it meant where we are is not who we are. I said, “like you—you are in a wheelchair, but that is not who you are.” he said he didn’t understand and that he couldn’t talk any longer.

left at: Établissèment de detention de Montréal, Bordeaux Prison. 800 Gouin Boulevard, corner of Salaberry.



2 Responses to “”

  1. peterandthehare Says:

    “where we are is not who we are”, what a wonderful sentiment. I sometimes (read: often) get sick of rooms – the same old rooms – and the things I do in them.

    Another sign for our times, dreamlistener! I’m sure this would speak to anyone who spends their life in an office or – god forbid – a call centre.

    – PATH

  2. dream listener Says:

    u r sooooooo right! montreal is known for its call centres… and they r the most dehumanizing places 2 work…so i hear.

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