dream translated: I dreamed a girl confided in me, telling me her father comes into her room.

I didn’t hold this dream. I knew I wanted to let it go, float it away in the river… so of course it didn’t… float away I mean. the cardboard kinda just floundered in place and no matter how much I prodded it and tried to send it off, it stayed. maybe the effect of the waves will eventually wash it away.

left at: in the Saint Lawrence River/Fleuve Saint Laurent, under the Canadian Pacific Rail Bridge (once called the Saint Lawrence Bridge), LaSalle Boulevard, corner of Oblats.



4 Responses to “”

  1. sarh Says:

    hi my friend.
    send me an email and i will send you that story.
    loved bumping into you!
    keep up all the dream stuff!
    that last one is haunting.

  2. jess Says:

    i like this one. i like that it didn’t just float away.

  3. dreamlistener Says:

    thanks jess.

  4. endlesslyredonoursnow Says:

    That’s sad. But good that you gave the dream a voice, as always.

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