this is where the dream:  “I dreamt I heard a man declare, ‘It’s good to be among your own.‘  was put up, then taken down.

I had my first encounter with “the law” since starting the project here in montreal. I was trying to attach the dream just below the “welcome to the city of côte saint luc” (côte saint luc is one of the boroughs that de-merged from montreal after being forced to merge) sign, (you can see the plastic tie left behind on the metal leg) when a police car cruised by and the officer yelled out the window, “you can’t do that sir.” I played innocent…the police car swung towards me and stopped, I went over, (the officer stayed seated in his vehicle) whereupon I was informed it is illegal to attach anything to any city sign, and that I could be given a fine of seventy-five dollars. well, actually I think the officer asked what I was doing first, and why, and if I was advertising something, and if I had contact info on the sign. I explained to him what I was doing and why. he was pretty nice about it, and took the time to show me the exact bylaw printed out on some papers he just happened to have with him on his clipboard. apparently the fine in verdun (another borough of montreal) is one-hundred and forty dollars for the same offense. I wanted to ask him if he believed in the bylaw, but I thought I shouldn’t push my luck, but then he said something about people putting garage sale signs on posts and then not taking them down and how this made the city look seedy… so I guess he does believe in the bylaw. personally I think it makes the city feel more alive and friendly to see messages to each other.

the dream was put up and taken down on Westover, corner of Westminster in Côte Saint Luc.

I couldn’t find the “real bylaw” on line but this kinda gives the general picture: the bylaw falls under the general “Nuisance” bylaw.

Resident’s Guide to the City of Côte Saint-Luc Bylaws


You cannot distribute circulars, advertisements, leaflets or other printed matters on the sidewalks, streets, and in private homes, between 9pm and 7am.

Home distribution of flyers

You cannot deposit circulars, advertisements, leaflets or other printed matters on the sidewalks, streets, lanes, or elsewhere than in a mail box of a private home or of a multiple dwellings building.



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  1. felicity Says:

    I suppose I would agree that it is more pleasant to see a message with some personal investment in it than the advertising messages that are plastered everywhere.

    Regarding enforcing the by-laws, I wonder where the fine line between “depositing” or “distributing” and littering lies? I am thinking of the dreams that you leave places with out actually attaching them to something. Is it in the intention? Is it in the formal qualities of the material? If you had just propped up the cardboard next to the poles without using twist ties would they consider it litter or signage? What about if you had just dropped it off at a private home between the hours of 7am and 9pm? I wonder if it is less expensive or more expensive to be fined for littering than distributing printed matter? I wonder if you would have had less of a problem at election time when there are lots of plastic candidate advertisements on every pole, are they exempt from this by-law?

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