translated: I am salvaging my faith in humanity.

I went and held the sign on sainte catherine street, close to three homeless kids and two dogs. I asked them if it would be o.k. if I stood near them. I showed them the sign and they said o.k., as long as the sign said something nice it didn’t bother them. one of the guys had a guitar, he told me later he is a student from guelph, just on the street for the summer. he said he’s looking after the girl who was with them. I had seen the girl before, same place, but alone. he said she has been on the street since she was twelve, and now she’s a junkie.

one person stopped and talked to me, very nicely, about god.

later I took the sign to put it in front of the guy favreau complex. I was there for quite awhile trying to figure out how to attach the cardboard somewhere and still be able to photograph the “guy favreau, government of canada” signage. a young security guard came out of the building, walked around real slow, then went back inside. shortly after the same guard came out again and walked around real slow again, except this time he came around to the sidewalk so he could see what was on the cardboard. I told him the paint was still wet (he had on a crisp white shirt and I thought he wouldn’t want to get blue paint all over it…) he asked me if I painted the sign, I said yes, he said nothing and left. about five minutes later he showed up again, took out a camera, clicked off a couple shots and proceeded to take the sign down. I didn’t interfere, I just watched.

left at: Complexe Guy-Favreau, Government of Canada/Gouvernement du Canada, 200 René-Lévesque Boulevard, corner of Jeanne-Mance.



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  1. felicity Says:

    after reading blah blah #10 … I agree these photographs have taken on an increasing role as your experiences continue. just as this blog has. not only do the photographs and the act of photographing further your exploration of public space (as in the situation you describe above) they also poke at the aesthetic questions regarding documentation as art. I like experiencing your traces on the street haphazardly. I like being able to contemplate your actions as a whole here on your site. Just as the act of holding the dream or posting it in the street is ephemeral, so is posting this material online. The lifetime may be longer than the cardboard that deteriorates in the weather or is censored or cleaned up, but there is no guarantee that this display of electronic data will be around for ever either.

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