dream: J’ai rêvé qu’on m’avait tiré une balle de pistolet à l’arrière du cou. Je suis tombée sur le sol, les deux jambes en l’air. J’ai senti un courant chaud le long de ma colonne vertébrale, mais sans douleur. Je ne pouvais ni bouger ni parler. Je voulais que le tireur en finisse avec moi. J’ai pris le deuxième coup dans le front. Encore un courant chaud, encore sans douleur. Je me demandais, « Comment le saurai-je si je suis vraiment morte? » L’idée m’est venue que si mes jambes étaient tombées, cela signifiait que j’étais morte. Mes jambes se mirent alors à remuer, au même moment mes yeux de rêve se fermèrent puis mes vrais yeux s’ouvrirent.

dream translated: I dreamed I was shot with a pistol in the back of the neck. I collapsed to the floor with both legs in the air. I felt a warm sensation travel down my spine, but no pain. I couldn’t move or speak. I wanted the shooter to finish me off. The second shot was in the forehead. Again a warm sensation and again no pain. I wondered, “How will I know if I am really dead?” I got the idea if my legs fell this would mean I had died. At the same instant my legs started to tumble my dream eyes closed and my real eyes opened.

the sensitive subject of this dream—guns, killing, death—and the correspondence with the virginia-tec shooting (16 april, 2007, blacksburg virginia, u.s.a., 32 killed with the shooter taking his own life) and the dawson college shooting, (september 14, 2006, montreal, quebec, canada, one killed with the shooter taking his own life too) made me want to be sure no-one felt targeted by the dream…I deliberately sought out a “non-space” where the dream could be read without referencing a specific group of people.

left at: fence next to the train tracks on the far side of Park Marguerite-Bourgeois, corner of Parc-Marguerite-Bourgeois and Parc-Marguerite-Bourgeois street (the streets all have the same name on all three sides of the park) and the Owens-Illinois 01 Canada Corp. building.



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