a dream remnant resurfaces –it had been left on the fence by the field where I take my dog for her off-leash time. this was in january. it feels strangely pleasing to find it again, still there.



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  1. consi Says:

    hey there

    pretty interesting page you have here! i just stop for a moment (im in a hurry kinda) and dont have enough time to explore the whole website…so i am kind of confused πŸ™‚ are you writing your dreams down and then take pictures of that? are you an artist? whats the drive behind this?

    well whatever it is – its a really great idea πŸ™‚ you make the dreams more real somehow…easier to grasp and hmm dunno. have a weird feeling somehow from this πŸ˜€ but its really cool!

    thanks a lot for your blog!

  2. dream listener Says:

    thanks 4 the comment and curiosity. i agree it is hard 2 figure out what’s up without reading the “blah blah” page. so yeah, i write the dream down, then hold it in public, then leave it somewhere and document the dream in it’s context by taking a photo and noting the location.
    the drive is kinda complex but “endlessly” from endlesslyreonoursnow articulated something very close in one of his comments…
    hope you come back and keep in touch,

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