an elderly gentleman wearing an official-looking blue polyester jacket and holding a clipboard came over to me and politely informed me I was on private property.

private property. such an odd concept. we are only here on this earth for a short time, passing through really. like dogs we piss and claim and defend.


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  1. snowchamp Says:

    Ahhh, the commodification of space,… where would we all be today without it? It makes me think of the movie “The Field” by Jim Sheridan. It’s about a peasant farmer who’s family has been working this small parcel of rented farm land for hundreds of years. The man finally gets a chance to bid on it during an auction as the English landlord decides to move back home. Of course, no one in the village dares bid against him except a rich entrepreneur from out-of-town. The father and son do terrible things to keep the field from the entrepreneur while at the end of it all, the father discovers that his son (and only child) wants nothing to do with the field in question – which entails that his family’s historical, social, political, economic, etc. claim to the space is now coming to an abrupt end. I won’t give away the movie ending – but your comments about being on earth for such a short time and holding on to “private property” (and for what end) are concepts that I sometimes struggle with myself.
    On another note, my last class was yesterday. Hopefully I’ll have more time now for writing (and other things,….:)

  2. dreamlistener Says:

    nice to hear from you again snowchamp!
    i was afraid i had lost you.
    one thing this standing holding a dream in the city has made me feel is a kind of apprehension about assuming a location. i wouldn’t have thought that other people shooing me away would have affected me so much, i thought i would know and feel within myself that i have as much a right to be there as anyone else, and that public space needs to be assumed in order to keep it public. but no. i have found out i am kinda a wimp. now i look for places no-one would want. abandoned lots, defunct stores, parks, churches. some days i feel stronger than others and can take my place. but this feeling of not being wanted (anywhere else but not in front of my store kinda thing) does create an acute awareness of how “owned” space is. that if you don’t quite fit in, don’t quite match the norm, you push up against all kinds of boundaries you would never know where there because you don’t feel them until you hit them.
    but when i find a “safe” place i tend to return.
    so i am just as territorial as the next guy…but it makes me wonder how the assumption of a right to space affects our perceptions of who we are, and when that right to space is eroded how diminishing that is (for me at least). and so many many people live with this precarious relationship every day.
    but also i know there are certain traditions where it is a right of passage to wander, to assume the earth as one’s home. if i think about it too much it all becomes so confusing…so right now i am just trying to be attentive to what i am experiencing and to allow this to change or to change my perceptions.

    wow. this response kinda got long…thanks for sharing your thoughts snowchamp and for stimulating my own.

    enjoy your time away from class!

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