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April 29, 2007


today I met my friend nicole fournier at the park. she gave a nice big laugh when she read the dream and later she translated for one of the park workers who did not understand english.

left at: Park Beaudet, Decarie Boulevard, corner of Beaudet.



April 29, 2007


as part of dare-dare’s fund-raising gala my friend jack locke and I did a conceptual performance where we addressed and mailed 306 “nous sommes tous de beaux réveurs” (we are all beautiful dreamers) postcards. one for every member of the canadian parliament. it took us about four and a half hours to write all the names and addresses –which meant we just missed the last metro home. (I only recently became informed that you can send mail to any member of parliament free, no stamp required…kinda cool. and for those of you who follow canadian politics you will have noticed that this little action has had absolutely no effect on our government’s agenda…)

April 23, 2007


very windy out there today with lots of sand and dirt blowing around. no-one stopped to read the sign, but some guys hanging out across the street got interested when I started stapling the dream onto the building.

dream translated: I dreamed I built a structure to protect puddles.

left at: between 271 and 285 Mont Royal Avenue, corner of Henri-Julien.


April 6, 2007



so this is a not-so-good photo of a postcard produced by dare-dare centre de diffusion d’art multidisciplinaire de montréal and dream listener. the cards are deposited at various locations around montréal for people to take and hopefully send. I have been using the postcards to write out a dream and mail it to the person who the dream refers to, in this case mr. harper, canada’s prime minister. I suspect he probably did not receive the card, but I liked the reference between the photo and the notion of a sleeping prime minister, because addressing poverty and homelessness do not seem to be part of his agenda.

April 3, 2007

an elderly gentleman wearing an official-looking blue polyester jacket and holding a clipboard came over to me and politely informed me I was on private property.

private property. such an odd concept. we are only here on this earth for a short time, passing through really. like dogs we piss and claim and defend.