this is a photo of chris reid on the second time he came out to hold a sign with me. chris is a poet and artist I met at the saint james drop-in centre.

chris often talks to me about what it is like to be homeless. he told me the story of how late one night he and his friend were out walking the streets and they saw a woman sitting alone on the steps of a mission for men. she told chris she had buzzed to get in to the shelter but they had refused her and wouldn’t even open the door. she said she didn’t want to go back to the shelter for women because the other women were mean to her. at first chris didn’t believe she was homeless, (her clothes were too nice) but then she explained to chris that she had worked as a secretary, had fallen ill, lost her job, could no longer pay her rent and was evicted from her home. she was too proud to apply for social assistance, but she had no money and no place to go. chris and his friend took the woman into their home to sleep, and the next morning they talked to their landlord to see if a room could be made available for mary (the woman’s name). chris said mary eventually became the janitor of the building.


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  1. Vincent F-K Says:

    Christopher Reid is the kind of guy that get’s you thinking!
    A man of inspiration for me!
    He has an immense heart and crazy stories to tell.
    He is now staying in the residence at Maison du Père.
    Every one should meet him!

  2. dreamlistener Says:


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