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February 23, 2007


dream translated: I dreamed, as part of my uniform, I had to wear knee-high socks. The top was to be folded down just so—to display the Canadian flag. You had to wear a blue tie tucked into a loop, the tip shaped like a maple leaf.

I am positively euphoric. I was not alone today. I was with c. from the st. james drop-in centre. his cardboard said something about jesus being crucified for his words. as we were standing holding our signs together c. said, “we must really be confusing people… they’re going to think we’re saying jesus was crucified for wearing socks that showed the canadian flag.” I had to laugh, it was so much fun being with him. it is way, way easier to be on the street holding a dream when someone is beside you holding something too.

when we were looking for a place to stand we walked past an old woman pan-handling. I asked c. if he ever gave money. he said, “first; I look at their shoesif their shoes are better than mine, I don’t give, but if their shoes are worse, with more holes, then I’ll give a bit.

left at: flag pole at Place du Canada/Canada Place, Peel street corner of de la Gauchetière.



February 14, 2007


stood a bit back in one of the doorways of the old empress theater. a woman with a cane trudged through the snow to come and talk to me. she asked me what I was doing, I told her it was a dream. she asked me why I was doing that, I told her I didn’t really know, (this felt so true at that moment.) she told me she had a dream last night where she was teaching her ex- boyfriend to dance.

then she said she has not seen her boyfriend for over twenty years and in fact, he has been dead for the past four, but she still dreams of him every night.

and then she went on to tell me that when she was with him the relationship was not really that good, but in her dreams they go everywhere and do all kinds of things together.

left at: 5560 Sherbrooke West, in front of the old Empress Theater.