this dream was stapled onto the plywood at the boarded-up church using my new staple gun, bought explicitly for this purpose. you will notice the dream is longer, 69 words instead on the usual 40. I remember at the artist talk at souffles (a gallery, poetry reading, conference, performance space) vida said something to me about taking up more room, writing a long dream and I said, all serious and sincere, no, the project is about holding the dream, the physical act of holding the words, not so much the dream itself…I don’t know about you, but it seems to me as soon as I say something definite in public, poof, it doesn’t fit anymore…cuz, then, about three days later I was walking down the street and I saw this huge cardboard, HUGE, like it must have been for a cabinet or something and I got all excited and wished I had a truck or a van to drag it home… so yeah, vida was right, …since then I have known I would write a longer dream, and now I am thinking it could be a really long dream.

left at: 670 Courcelle, corner of St. Jacques, at the boarded-up abandoned church.



2 Responses to “”

  1. endlesslyredonoursnow Says:

    That’s a beautiful dream. Do you mean that you feel like you can’t quite bring people to the dream? Dreams are slippery I guess, difficult even to remember them sometimes.

  2. endlesslyredonoursnow Says:

    When I say beautiful, I don’t mean it wasn’t harrowing, but it was beautiful that you gave the baby to the woman, and the whole scene is poetic.

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