dream translated: I dreamed homeless men keep coming onto my mother’s balcony. I tell them to get off or I will call the cops. They say, “go ahead, call the cops–they can’t do anything–we’re registered as missing persons.”

left at: ally next to 257 Avenue Mont Royal, corner of Laval, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.



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  1. endlesslyredonoursnow Says:

    There’s something quite deep about this one – fear of the dispossessed. The people with nothing to lose: in Russia, they started a revolution. It’s a sobering thought, you can’t let too many people in a society sink into poverty because when they have no ties to society they may challenge it, as they did in the riots we spoke of. It’s a good argument for socialism in some form, I think (for the people who need selfish reasons to help out the poor, rather than going with compassion).


  2. dreamlistener Says:

    yeah, i think sometimes fear of “the street” comes because we/i have a hard time accepting how fragile our/my own position is in relation to home, or home-less-ness. anyone of us can end up in the same position, on the street, and it really doesn’t take much. but to live and feel so utterly dejected and rejected over and over does not seem to build rage, rather it seems to totally demolish a person’s sense of worth and value.
    but you are right, i guess i am thinking of the extreme end. poverty, but with a sense of entitlement and enough resources and energy to lash out. i think canada is going to see this soon.

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